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Writing Harry Potter Seven

a collaborate writing project

Harry Potter 7 Writing Project
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Members of this community aim to write Harry Potter 7, disregarding anything that happened in DH.
This community serves as a platform for a project, which aims to create the seventh Harry Potter novel anew. It consists of members who either like the challenge of developing new, JK-style ideas, or who think that Deathly Hallows was unconvincing and would like to have a word in the creation of an alternative version. Or both.

The already numerous threads provide some room for discussion on various points in the Harry Potter books, which people would like to see resolved or stressed in HP7. The basis for decisions of what is going to be used and what isn't will be strictly democratic. Meaning that, if there are differences in opinion, we will have a vote.

A group of select people (only a handful, according to current plans) will then continue to work whatever this community's members agree should happen into a piece of (fan)fiction following the sixth(!) book in the series, thereby producing something that actually sounds as though JK might have written it.

The idea for such a project came about when someone said that Deathly Hallows was entirely up to scratch with its predecessors because JKR just went back to writing children's literature. This project aims to investigate what HP7 might have been if its author had followed the path many of us had observed prior to the publication of Deathly Hallows, namely the fact that the HP books were addressing an increasingly mature audience. Aka. readers who won't be satisfied with an average fantasy adventure plotline and ending, who don't buy that Lord Voldemort would be fool enough to think that he was the only person to discover the Room of Requirement when it is evidently full of other people's belongings, and who did not, overall, get even half their questions answered, which arose from reading the first six installments.

Although this community is going to attempt to "sabotage" the official Harry Potter plotline by coming up with a new ending, the piece of writing we are hopefully going to produce depends with all its essence on six wonderful novels, which we all love enough to devote this much time to. None of this would be possible without Harry Potter 1 - 6 and its author. We love and adore her, so much should be said.

PS: Don't be discouraged by what is already there. If you don't wanna skim through all the threads, I suggest you concentrate on what really interests you. We don't kill people for making a suggestion that's already been made either.